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How To Use Google AdWords To Find More Customers At Lower Cost, Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Have you ever been hit by an expensive Google bill? Let me share a sad and familiar story…

I’ve known John for over a year now. John runs an office supplies company, and manages his own AdWords campaigns.

John is extremely busy. Running his business six days a week, AdWords only gets looked at in the evening if he isn’t too tired. Or if his partner goes out. Or if there isn’t 5 a side football on. Or if the kids are away.

Needless to say, his AdWords account isn’t delivering the results it could be. He doesn’t really know where to focus the small amount of time he has to maximum benefit.

The AdWords Survival Guide will show you how to do just that, through 31 straight-talking videos.

Whether you are in John’s situation, or just starting out, the guide will shows you the precise steps I follow in creating and optimizing a successful campaign in as little time as possible.

Presenting the AdWords Survival Guide to local businesses

Presenting the AdWords Survival Guide to local business owners

You have many other things to do besides AdWords. It is easy to get to the end of the month, and realize that you or your team haven’t logged into AdWords in 30 days. It’s not nice when the bill comes.

If you:

  1. Manage AdWords yourself and are looking to improve your focus and results
  2. Would like your marketing team to get up to speed on managing AdWords effectively
  3. Are considering outsourcing some or all of your AdWords work

Then the survival guide explains my approach to maximizing profits from Google AdWords in minimum time. You will learn how to work less, focus on the right things, and start seeing better results.

AdWords is about much more than clicks. AdWords can act as a marketing wind tunnel for your business, honing messages for your other marketing. I’m willing to bet that 95 – 100% of your competitors are NOT using AdWords to its full potential.

The guide is split into two modules: foundation and practical. The foundation module covers:

  • The truth about the SEO (free) vs PPC (paid) debate, and why you are wasting your breath talking about it
  • Why most advertisers only use AdWords to 5% of its potential benefit
  • Three phases every AdWords account goes through, and how to know which phase you are at
  • Three components of AdWords success – and why most companies skip the two most important factors
  • Why traffic is never as important as conversion or economics
  • How to identify where to focus your limited time, and do AdWords work you love
  • How to optimize your account through smarter testing
  • Two ways to boost opt in rates on your landing pages
  • How to let Google do your keyword research for you
  • Two ways to improve your AdWords landing pages by surveying your visitors
  • How to pay less than your competitors, but appear above them in the search results
  • How to boost your conversion rates using remarketing
  • How AdWords can guide your marketing and business strategy

In the practical module you will discover:

  • How to CORRECTLY structure your account for maximum profit
  • How to optimize your keyword performance over time
  • How to scientifically beat your competition my systematically split testing your ads
  • How to analyse your AdWords dimensions, to squeeze better returns from your account
  • How to create landing pages that convert visitors to customers, WITHOUT knowing HTML

Watch a clip…

The following clip is from the ‘ad extensions’ video in the foundation module.

The following video is from the practical module, and talks about improving keyword performance.

The world of search is changing. Google is monetizing more and more of the search results page. It pays to educate yourself and your team on how AdWords can help your business.

Try it at my risk

60 Day Money Back GuaranteeThe AdWords survival guide is priced today at $89. This includes lifetime membership to the AdWords survival guide, so you also get access to future editions and revisions. There are no recurring payments, and no hidden charges.

The guide is based on real, first hand experience. I spend over $2000 a month advertising my business, and manage over $100,000 client spend each month.

If you buy and watch the AdWords Survival Guide, and decide it wasn’t worth ten times the price you paid, email me within 60 days (rob [at] and I will provide a prompt and courteous refund.

The premium AdWords Survival Guide option, priced today at $229, includes a 60 minute AdWords consulting session with myself. Having worked in hundreds of AdWords accounts, I can very quickly identify problems. The consulting service is priced at $240 if you were to buy it separately.

The advice in the AdWords Survival Guide will arm you with the fundamentals. Fundamentals that will make your competitors question how you are appearing above them on Google. Fundamentals that will allow you to generate more business from your ad spend in less time.

The consulting session then provides tailored, actionable advice. If you put the advice into action, it could be worth many thousands of dollars to you. The best AdWords advice you can get is tailored to your own business.

On the internet, distractions are everywhere. Why not purchase the AdWords Survival Guide and block out hour of your day to start reviewing the videos? The guide comes in video and MP4 format, so you can listen to it on the go.

Price Increase Notice

The price of the AdWords Survival Guide is increasing on Friday 18th October, at 9PM US Eastern time. The new price will be $299 for standard access, $349 for premium.

More content will be added to the survival guide over time as AdWords changes. Your price today is the flat one-time fee listed below.

Regular Premium
AdWords Survival Guide (full lifetime access)
Full 60 day no quibbles money back guarantee
60 Minute AdWords Review / Strategy Session with Rob ($240 when bought separately)
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Please note if you pay by card, you will need to select ‘return to RJD Consulting’ when your payment is complete.

If you have any questions about the AdWords Survival Guide, please email me support [at] Remember, all purchases are covered by a full 60 day money back guarantee. Try it at my risk.

Rob Drummond
RJD Consulting

P.S. The secret to Google AdWords is that the traffic is steady and measurable. It has the power to guide and direct all your other marketing. I explain how in video 16 of the guide.